About me

Shachi Srivastava, The Artist

….learning from my experiences while playing with my canvas, brushes and various mediums.

I was born in India, a country of immense diversity, traditions, culture and ancient Art forms. I did my bachelors in Engineering in 2002, worked in reputed organizations for more than half a decade and then life happened. I took a sabbatical and started to express my creative energies through my paintings. I have angels who have been my mentor, critic and my appreciator, my daughter and my loving husband who calls me “the painting factory”. He supports me, guides me and is the toughest critic of my art. I constantly work to hear “Good Job” from my two pillars of strengths!!

Painting is not just a passion, it is my life and my identity. They are the illustrations of my deepest thoughts and expressions of the way I see the world. Everything inspires me. Sometimes it is the clouds, sometimes it is the shadows made from lamps/candles and sometimes I dream about my next work. I think I observe my surroundings so deeply that my mind flows with my tools. These are the times when I am not actually in my present. I am in an alternate reality where my imaginations take shape. I strongly believe that Knowledge grows when we share it.

I come from the birthplace of one of the most captivating art forms known as Madhubani/Mithila Art. I grew up seeing my mom, sisters, aunts and ladies from our community wear beautiful Madhubani Sarees. The profoundness of this art has forever left me spellbound. I started working extensively on Madhubani paintings and amalgamating this 5000 years old ancient art form with today’s Contemporary Era. I am exploring the flexibility of Madhubani Art in my work as well as contributing my share to help this fascinating art form co-exist in today’s Art world. I truly believe that knowledge grows when we share it.


Srijan.shachi means Creations of Shachi to display my works and the stories behind them.

Colors the messengers of happiness to every soul and a treat to the eyes…