“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread” – Mother Teressa

How amazing it is, to know that you and your works are loved and appreciated in this world! To have this honor in my lifetime, has been one of the best things that happened to me, and for that I am deeply grateful.


July, 2019:

Special Merit awarded to “Into the Wild 3”











May, 2019:

Awarded Third Prize for “Mayuri in Madhubani” at “Spotlight on Local Art Exhibit” by North Gwinett Arts Association.


January, 2019:

Awarded “Special Recognition” for the painting titled “Mayuri in Madhubani ” for 8th Annual All Women Art Exhibition – Painting & Other Media by Online Light Space & Time Gallery

January, 2017:

Awarded “Special Merit Category” for the painting titled “Matritwa-Anchal” in All Women Art Exhibition by Online Light Space & Time Gallery

February, 2015:

“Born Free” has been awarded “Special Recognition (SR) Artist” in All Women – Painting and Other Category by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery!!

Event Catalogue at:

October, 2014:

Golden Brush Award by Touchtalent









July 5th, 2014:

“the Bull in Gond Art” awarded as “Art of the week” for Original Art week 27/2014.

June 30th, 2014:

“The Door” awarded 12th place by Jury of Themed Painting Contest

May, 2014:

“Peacock in Gond Art” awarded 11th place by Jury of the Themed Painting Contest


More achievements:

March 2019:

“Prajwala” and “Sudha” exhibited at Raksha’s 2nd Annual Women empowerment Art Show @Facet Gallery, Atlanta

January 2019:

“Gathbandhan” showcased in the Art Catalog by APERO Gallery for the January 2019 ‘Rise’ Catalogue.

April 2018:

M2R Trailfest : “Deer” was included in the trailfest exhibit (outdoor/public art display). M2R means Mountain to River. There is a trail where art from various local artists from Atlanta area has been displayed all along the trail (around 2miles).


Interviewed at Raksha Women’s Empowerment Art Show covered by TV Asia Bureau..(Around 2:20 in the video below)

March 2018:

Exhibition at Raksha Women’s Empowerment Art Show in Atlanta, GA

September 2017:

Invited to speak about the journey at The South Asian Women’s Conference “Women in Leadership – breaking Barriers”

Published in NRI Pulse (Page 15)

Published in khabar magazine

Honored as “Ravishing woman of the Day” on September 13th, 2017

August 2017:

Art display at The Festival Of India, by IACAATL in Atlanta, USA.

March, 2017:

Art exhibition of students’ artworks and mine at Yugal Kunj, Duluth, GA, USA.

August, 2016:

Art display at The Festival Of India, by IACAATL in Atlanta, USA.

October, 2015:

Stoned Remake on display on Michaels homepage for the Art Challenge by Michaels Stores

The Art Challenge






July 24th, 2014:

“I am Shachi” was displayed on one of the biggest billboards in Times Square as part of a massive animated collage on Thursday, July 24th, at 8pm by See|Me

July 15th, 2014:

“Shachi” telecasted on Roku Tv:

July 8th, 2014:

Featured Artist by The Artistic Blog

June 15th, 2014:

Three of my works have been telecasted on Roku TV:

Twin Souls:

The Bull:

The Bull in Gond Art:

June1st, 2014:

Three of my works have been telecasted on The Artistic Blog Channel of Roku TV

May15th, 2014:

Three of my works have been telecasted on The Artistic Blog Channel of Roku TV

May, 2014:

April Issue of Women in Art278: Published in April Issue of Women In Art278 Magazine.

April, 2014:

Featured works on The Artistic Blog Channel of Roku TV;

March 20th, 2014:

Featured Artist in The Artistic Blog.

Valentine Week, Exhibit: Feb 7 2014 – Feb 18 2014: “Matritwa – The Divine Love-12”, “The Soulmates”, “Twin Souls of Krishna – of love and passion”, “Radha Krishna” exhibited by TouchTalent.

3rd January, 2014:

“Rudrani” and “Running Wild” Published by The Fat City Review Magazine.

December 2013:

Artworks archived by Standford University for The 100 thousand Poets for Change initiative.


December 3rd-8th, 2013:

One of the Artwork included in the Digital Exhibition by SCOPE Miami, Florida.

October 20th, 2013:

She – The Silent Voices Published in viBrantARTs Ezine.

I am very very thankful to Poetic-Vibes Arts-Foundation for the honor.

October 14th, 2013:

Finalist for Professional Artist’s “Your Big Talent One Small Space” for The Decmeber/January issue. The winner will be revealed in the December/January 2013/2014 issue.

October 11th, 2013:

“Lajja” featured entrant in Art Takes Miami by See.Me in their first album of creatives on See.Me’s facebook page.

October 5th, 2013:

“Feather” included in the Creatives Rising Massive Projection and Exhibition by See.Me in New York.

October 5th, 2013:

Honored by Arty-Farty for featuring and sharing few of my works on their page

September 20th, 2013:

Honored by “Easelscope-Vidya Vivek” for featuring me on her page.

July 2013:

Recieved Certificate of participation for the 30 day art challenge for the month of July 2013 by 30dac.

July 25th, 2013 till September 10th, 2013:

Celebrating “The Story Of The Creatives -2013” by See|Me where 3 of my paintings are being exhibited in New York

July 10th, 2013:

3 of my paintings, “Geet Ganesh”, “Matritwa” and “Lajja” has been officially published by “The Fat City Review” an online magazine. Also, “Geet Ganesh” is honored as their Cover Photograph on their Facebook and Twitter Accounts.

June 21st, 2013:

Honored by See|Me as “Creatives Rising Featured Member for 21st June, 2013”

May 26th, 2013:

Honored by Poetic Vibes as “Featured Artist” on their Page.

June 17, 2013:

Kind Girl Power used my painting “Butterfly” from my 2012 collections on their website.

May 24th, 2013:

Received an email from the Community Coordinator at that I am a Featured Member of About See.Me: is a website and mobile community of 600,000+ members created by a group of artists in New York City. The international community is built of artists, musicians, photographers and fashion enthusiasts who connect to a worldwide audience both online and in live events and exhibitions. (Abstracted from

May 13, 2013:

The Sisters Of Charity, Halifax, Canada again published my painting “Feather”. This time its on page 3 of the newsletter “Charity Alive” for the months of February, March, April and May 2013!!

November 26, 2012:

“Feather” published by The Sisters Of Charity, Halifax, Canada. 

November 10th, 2012:

My first Art Display at Zayka restaurant, Decatur, GA at a Diwali Fest Organized by BAJA Atlanta.

October 27, 2012:

Honored as “Feature Artist” by 30 Day Art Challenge (30dac) on their page.

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