Matritwa Gallery

“Mama looked into me and saw something worth believing in, long before I believed in myself” – Keion Jackson

“God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers”

Matritwa means motherhood. I was born a mother, the day my daughter was born. I had a feeling of completeness, of love so full in my heart and the world felt as a standstill. At that moment nothing else mattered, but just my sweet little angel who blessed us. This was the day, I realized how much love and care my mother has for me and since then, I salute to each mother and I celebrate matritwa!

Most of my works on Matritwa do not have a facial feature. I have been asked a lot about why I don’t do it. Motherhood is a feeling so divine and pure, that it cannot be expressed in any form, words or paintings. It has to be felt from heart and soul. I leave the interpretation of this beautiful expression to everyone.